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Ans. It would be constantly better to at first look for freeLegal Advice, Consultation, Aid, Help, Service, Assistance and Support. On the off chance that in a given case, we feel that it would risky to delicate legitimate guidance without perusing the DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR CASE or without PERSONAL MEETING, we would make it known not; from that point, according to your desire and necessities you may look for PAID LEGAL ADVICE.

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Ans. No.

Be that as it may, subsequent to the PAID LEGAL ADVICE is tendered by us simply in the wake of perusing and seeing all the DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR CASE, it is continually going to be exact and better.

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Ans. Take a case: Our guest "V" is looking for lawful counsel from us in connection to his marital issues. Presently, unless and until we know not religion, nation and so forth., he/she has a place, we can't delicate our lawful guidance as the marital laws vary from religion to religion, nation to nation or even from state to state.

Indeed, even a little detail of Your Case which is being kept down, even accidentally, might be exceptionally MATERIAL to Your Case, and thus, may change the complete course of the guidance being tendered by us.

Q. Why Free Legal Advice is being given by us?

It's the Cause for which the Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, Vakil of DELHIADVOCATE have composed and exhibited this site.

It gives a great deal of help to the individual confronting the lawful issue.

It takes next to no assets from us.

Corporate Law Lawyers Delhi, Company Law Lawyers India

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company

Corporate Law or Corporations Law, or Company Law, is a branch of law manages the perplexing matters of development and operations of companies. It decides the obligations of organizations and working of the representing or dynamic executives and secretaries. At the end of the day, the organization law oversees the conduct of shareholders, workers, loan bosses, chiefs and partners in an association.

This branch of law controls joint endeavors, mergers, authorizing courses of action, acquisitions, and the various different exchanges inside or between two organizations. It additionally represents the act of business joining, securities law, capital financing, inward structures, and assentions. The Companies Act and different acts concerning Indian Private Sector are administrated by the Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA).

Since the arrangement in the 1956, the law has confronted a few alterations, in which change1988, 1990, 1996, 2000 and 2011 are broadly known. On 12 September 2013, Parliament of India presented all new Companies Act 2013 with some progressions, controlling the development, obligations, and disintegration of an organization and obligations of its executives. The new instituted law incorporates a few procurements guaranteeing financial specialist security, social obligation of an organization and corporate administration.

Subsequently, in the event that you are wanting to begin your own particular association and guarantee its smooth run, it is inescapable to conform to the corporate law set up in India.

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company is a full administration law office had some expertise in offering compelling administrations to organizations in the matters that identifies with corporate law. We take a shot at offering administrations to customers that are time tried and frequently accompanied an interesting blend of solid practice and flawless lawful skill.

Since foundation in 2005, SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company has been included in all corporate related parts of organizations and helping organizations with a wide scope of corporate guidance and backing. Our administrations in the field of corporate law include:

  • Advisory administration on setting up organization
  • Invest vehicle organizing
  • Licensing and exchanging of innovation
  • Service game plans
  • Technical help to organizations
  • Tax counseling administrations
  • Advice on administration obligation security
  • Advisory and representation administrations on mergers and securing of organizations over the India.

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company work towards offering centered way to deal with organizations with the dedication of offering them lawful platform that accomplishes coveted business results. Through master exhortation of expert Lawyers, SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company work towards satisfying and fulfilling the requirements of its customers and their organizations. We have been putting forth an extensive scope of administrations that lessens the danger relating in the corporate related ranges and in this way giving solid lawful backing that offers viable favorable circumstances and extraordinary finished results.

International Trade Law Free Consultation in Delhi, India

Welcome to International Trade Law Consultants in Delhi, India.

Worldwide Trade Law Consultants with its essential office at New Delhi was set up in the year 1992 by its Senior Managing Partner, Mr. Saket Agarwal and gives master Advisory and Litigation Services in the field of corporate and business laws with a prime spotlight on International Trade Law and all its related perspectives.

Universal Trade Law Consultants is a main fair sized full administration law office in India. It has built up an effective global corporate and business law hone out of its workplaces at New Delhi and partner workplaces over the Country alongside organizations together with remote law offices. The firm contains a group of legal counselors and in-house experts including Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries.

The Litigation Practice of the firm is carried on for the sake of ‘SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company' which appeared in 1982 and gives lawful representation crosswise over more than twelve urban communities in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Goa and Ahemdabad.)

The firm has partner workplaces in all significant urban areas of India and in addition cooperation’s and working courses of action with remote attorneys in different nations over the globe. Aside from prosecution administrations in India, the firm has likewise been occupied with lawful representation in the Courts of USA, UK, Holland, China, Japan and Singapore.

Worldwide Trade Law Consultants is locked in as Counsel by various expansive and in addition little and medium Indian organizations and additionally Multinational Corporations, Banks, Telecommunication organizations, Companies occupied with Mining, Power and Infrastructure Sector, and so forth and the firm gives general answer for lawful guidance, exchanges, procedure arranging and debate determination covering courts in significant urban communities of India and in addition multi-jurisdictional global representation.

Throughout the years, the firm has increased significant experience and notoriety in all regions identifying with International Trade Law. The firm has some expertise in consultative and case administrations in the corner zone of Letters of Credit (UCP 600) and all its related debate to Banks and Businesses. The firm has been agreed acknowledgment in giving master administrations in cases including Anti-suit and Anti-hostile to suit orders. The firm has built up specialty notoriety in taking care of matters identifying with International Commercial Arbitration, New York Convention Arbitration and Anti-International Arbitration Injunctions. The firm is likewise eminent for its ability and involvement in speaking to mining cases before different gatherings. Aside from these corner ranges, the firm is occupied with territories of Intellectual Property Laws, Company Law, Foreign Investment, Electricity Law, Shipping and Maritime Law, Excise and Custom, Import and Export laws, Anti-Dumping Law and Telecommunication and every related angle following the previous 20 years.

The firm is profoundly esteemed for its creative technique arranging and the profundity of learning of its lawyers in every aspect of the association's specialization and its solid duty to fabulousness in lawful administrations.

Legal Law Services Provider in Delhi, India

The Law Firm

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company
The Legal Law firm has considerable experience of prompting customers on complex matters relating to framework, private value, mergers and acquisitions, obligation and capital markets, venture financing, prosecution, mediation and exchange question determination and contract administration in assorted areas including airplane terminals, metro rail and urban transport, streets, ports, oil, gas, vitality, land, power, avionics, water, waste administration, media, TV, publicizing, pharmaceutical, data innovation, business process outsourcing, shopper merchandise, mining, programming, stimulation, protection and keeping money. The firm additionally gives help with getting administrative endorsements for setting up legal elements or whatever other type of business nearness in India.

Giving Focused  Business-Driven Advice

Join Legal India Law Services is a piece of significant feature exchanges, exhorting customers on most complex matters and debate in assorted segments. The Firm helps customers to develop and sustain their business.

Focused on brilliance, we re-design our answers for more productivity and better business results. The accomplices at the Firm bring hands on experience and approach on every exchange from a key point of view by comprehension customer goals and recognizing potential issues in ranges, for example, open arrangement and suit.


With key office in New Delhi and local workplaces at Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, the Firm services a worldwide customer base including some of India's driving corporate gatherings, open area endeavors, open segment and private banks, and multinationals from crosswise over global wards The Firm additionally has working associations with a few universal law firms and experts.

Our relationship with Globalaw – a head universal system of more than 100 free law firms crosswise over 80 locales permits us to benefit our customers comprehensively. The firm, amongst others, is empanelled with DMICDC, the Asian Development Bank, PFC (Power Finance Corporation) Consulting Limited and different Banks.


With a group of 15 Partners (having a combined affair of more than 250 years) and 70 partner lawyers handpicked from the best establishments and associations the nation over, the Firm gives bleeding edge exhortation by mixing its legal capability with profound business knowledge. A significant number of the accomplices at the Firm, notwithstanding being qualified in law are likewise qualified contracted bookkeepers and organization secretaries. What's more, the Firm likewise brags of lawyers who have driven fruitful vocations in managing an account, in this manner conveying to the Firm priceless industry experience.

Our relationship with Globalaw – a head universal system of more than 100 autonomous law firms crosswise over 80 wards permits us to benefit our customers comprehensively. The firm, amongst others, is empanelled with DMICDC, the Asian Development Bank, PFC (Power Finance Corporation) Consulting Limited and different Banks.

Legal Law Firm in Chennai, Dedicated Best Lawyers in Chennai

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company is a top law firm in Chennai, India, which gives a scope of lawful organizations to its private and universal clients including multinational open and exclusive organizations and other corporate substances. We have a given gathering of specialists including lawyers, Intellectual property masters, specific authorities, contracted clerks and Information advancement counsels, with the specific business aptitude, resources and obligation required to meet all client necessities and goals. We have worked in a joint exertion with a couple of renowned law firms and prominent lawyers over the globe on differing wanders and successfully executed lawful system organization organizations.

Our gathering of experienced and particularly prepared specialists work in IP matters to give exceedingly quality IP organizations to our neighborhood and universal clients. We picked up our honest to goodness capacities, designing capacity, and comprehension of our clients' business by serving associations and relationship in their advancement and protected innovation requirements.

Our practices incorporate all IP matters, with more broad strong point in recording, enlisting, and indicting Patents, Industrial Designs, Trade Marks, and Copyrights including restorations, permitting and approval. Our principle objective is to appreciate the necessities and goals of our clients, their business, their destinations and their stresses. We attempt to offer diverse decisions and answers for our client before initiating any errand. We place stock in building and keeping up whole deal relationship with our overall clients in India and over the globe. Our every customer justifies our every best push to give the best organization in the speediest and best way.

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company is a full organization Law Firm that gives a scope of lawful organizations to its clients subjectively and is without a doubt comprehended for its dominance in Corporate Laws – Advisory and Litigation, Compliance, Disciplinary Matters, Commercial/Civil, Infrastructure change Business contracts, Joint Ventures, Shareholder's Agreement, Arbitration/Settlement, Service Matters and Consumer Matters and diverse locales. Arranged in New Delhi with a compartment Indian proximity through its accomplices, the middle wellness lies in its procedure and strategy or all the more each of the an apt gathering of experienced lawyers with vacillated capacity in lawful matters.

We at SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company true blue Law firm have trust in deciphering Law in its most sensible way and applying lawful standards to push the purpose behind our clients. Each associate of SolicitorIndia Law Firm is centered around the demonstration of Law outfitted with an all around investigation on the subject and each one of its signs. As a gathering we are guaranteed to the vow of guaranteeing deliverable of chief level with consummate capacity and capability.

We gain ground toward whole deal relationship with our clients by growing effective methodology that pass on particular true blue and business appeal over different domains. Through consistency in giving capable, accurate and widely inclusive genuine help, we satisfy their objectives with the right mix of vitality and sound lawful representation.

Delhi Lawyers | Enthusiastic and Dedicated Lawyers in Delhi, India

SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company

Delhi Lawyers is a Delhi based quick rising, self-propelled law office which gives a top notch, unique administrations in a savvy way to clients over the Delhi.

With genuine reactions, clear vision and sound resolution we feel what customers required, the best vital legal solution. Our customers can feel sure about working with us and realizing that we fathom their issue. These connections drive us to ensure their rights and their thoughts all the more ruinously.

Our specialists and bolster staff, for example, Magisterial Expert, Intellectual Property Adviser, Finance Consultant and Information Technology Consultant dependably attempt to rush, to react and valuable. The group finds trustworthy endeavors to meet the prerequisites of the customers. We have an amazing reputation and are over the top about our work. Notwithstanding the circumstance in which you get yourself or how you touched base there, we trust you ought to advantage from the resistance of the law and be safeguarded with appreciation. We can help you to accomplish this.
SolicitorIndia-Agarwal and Company

Our legal counselors are experts in bags, for example, Criminal and Administrative Offenses, Arbitration, M and An and Corporate, Bankruptcy and Economic Fraud, Insolvency and Corporate Recovery, Wills, Trusts and Real Estates, Convention and Excise, Intellectual Property, Employment and Labor, 498a cases squashed with Medico Legal Report, Domestic Violence, Divorce and Child Custody, Supreme Court Superior Authority Petition, Writ Petition, Transfer Petition, Appeals and Reviews.

We are specialists in enlisting of Writ Petition and Agreements, Document Review, Legal Research and Patent administrations. Presently we are taking care of the matters at Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and all Districts Courts of Delhi.

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New Delhi-110092, INDIA
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Kerla High Court Justice Kamal Pasha - Latest India Law News

Petition for probe into default of Rs. 600 Cr by Dewa Projects; Kerala HC seeks report from RBI

Kerla High Court Justice - Kamal Pasha 

The Dewa Investors Association has recorded a request in Kerala High Court looking for a heading to the Reserve Bank of India and the Central Vigilance Commission to lead a nitty gritty examination concerning the exchange identifying with the benefiting of credit by Dewa Projects Private Ltd for dispatching a super extravagance flat venture in Kochi. The appeal has been conceded and notice issued to the Respondents. The Reserve Bank of India has been coordinated to record a report inside of 3 months.

The Association had professedly contributed Rs. 35 crores in the proposed venture DEWA PIER 20. Dewa Pier 20 was propelled in January 2012, with a certification that it would be finished by December, 2015. A credit of Rs. 477 crores was additionally authorized by a consortium of Banks/Financial Institutions in 2005. The advances were however announced to be Non Performing Assets by the Consortium banks on different dates somewhere around 2006 and 2014.

The data with respect to the advances turning NPAs was neither distributed by the Reserve Bank of India, nor by the consortium of Banks. This was in spite of a proviso in the assention between the consortium individuals and the organization, that if there should be an occurrence of submitting default in reimbursement of the vital add up to advance or installment of enthusiasm on due date, the loan specialists and RBI might have unfit right to reveal or distribute the points of interest of the defaulters. Because of non-revelation, the solicitors kept on making installments to the Company from 2012 onwards, which it battles it would not have affected, had it thought about the NPAs.

The appeal documented through Advocate Sathish Ninan and Santhosh Mathew henceforth battles, "In this manner, the Reserve Bank of India, is additionally at risk for the inaction with respect to the Reserve Bank of India and additionally the individuals from the consortium banks in distributed the insights in regards to the defaulters to the individuals from the overall population by method for an open exposure. In this manner, the reviewers of the Reserve Bank of India, who neglected to guarantee open revelation of the default submitted by the borrowers inspite of all these credit records being proclaimed to be NPA sums are liable of gross unfortunate behavior and because of this grave wrongness conferred by the authority of the Reserve Bank of India and its inspectors and the authorities of individuals from the consortium banks blameless speculators like individuals from the Petitioner Association have been duped of their well deserved investment funds."

It further charges that because of disappointment with respect to the individuals from the consortium banks in starting recuperation procedures instantly, enthusiasm at the rate of roughly 22 Lakhs for each day is amassing.

"The inaction with respect to the inspectors and authorities of Reserve Bank of India and individuals from the consortium banks in stepping for understanding the levy remarkable furthermore the disappointment on their part to openly reveal the defaults submitted by the borrowers to the individuals from the consortium banks which brought about individuals from the complainant Association putting resources into the Project to the tune of roughly Rs.35 Crores should be examined in point of interest and the guilty parties are at risk to be indicted. A nitty gritty enquiry is to be directed by the Reserve Bank of India and stringent activity against is to be taken against the persons observed to be liable of such grave failures and illegalities," it states.

The request additionally affirms that despite the fact that installments have been made to M/s. Dewa Projects Private Limited by the Association and correspondingly arranged people, these installments have not been represented quickly. It presents that installments made by a portion of the individuals from the candidate affiliation have not been given credit by the organization in their books of records.

The applicants convey to the notification of the Court that they had presented a representation to the RBI for a definite enquiry to be led by a free group of inspectors named by the RBI with the help of CBI, if required, into the whole exchange in connection to the benefiting of credit by the Company. A grievance was additionally stopped with the CVC. Be that as it may, securing an unreasonable postponement with respect to the RBI and the CVC, the solicitor Association had now drawn closer the High Court.

Subsequently, in perspective of the way that the individuals from the Association and a few others have contributed almost Rs. 35 crores for the development of two towers of the tasks, the appeal requests that they be allowed to convey a purchaser to buy the plot where the two towers are arranged. It further requests that regardless of the fact that such a sale is directed by the individuals from consortium banks, credit ought to be given by the individuals from the consortium banks and in addition the borrowers, for the installment made by individuals from the Petitioner Association. It such a case, steps are additionally requested to be taken for assigning lofts at the concurred rate on which the Builder had consented to develop and convey the Apartments to the applicants.

The appeal further requests a CBI examination concerning the "evil" submitted by the Banks in endorsing the credit, payment of advance, use of assets and permitting the Company to "coerce" cash from people in general on check of development deal thought towards the offer of property sold with the consortium of banks, even after the advances were proclaimed as NPAs. It is intriguing to note that DEWA Projects(P) Ltd, India and DEWA Europe have been suspended for a time of ten years from September 2008 in light of charges of installments made to US Army Major John Cockerham in return of Bottled Water BPA Calls. Enquiries made by the solicitor affiliation uncovered that they have been suspended by the U.S. Armed force till July, 2018.